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An electronic certificate is added to the document, and the entire document is encrypted.The electronic document is then downloaded to a pervasive computing device, such as a PDA, palm pilot, or mobile phone.The digital certificate and electronic signature attached to the document are then verified for authenticity.Mike is a Visual Fox Pro developer living in central Minnesota, and has used Visual Fox Pro since version 3.0 was released.If a second level authorization is met in regard to the data request, the remote source will transmit the requested sensitive or confidential information to the user to view and/or update.providing first level authentication infonnation for initiating wireless communication with a remote source, the wireless communication enabling an information request requiring second level authentication information;wherein at least one of the first level and second level authentication infonnation includes unique machine-readable identification information for ensuring association with a required context when accessing the sensitive or confidential information.2.

After this first level of security is satisfied, the application on the smart card module enables the user to scan data via a machine-readable medium in order to make a data request to the remote source. 16, 2004, entitled, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SESSION PROVISION and application Ser. More particularly, the present invention relates to the use of a wireless communication device incorporating a secured smart card module to transmit and receive sensitive or confidential information. Description of Prior Art A wireless communication device (WCD) may communicate over a multitude of networks.SMS allows a WCD to transmit and receive text messages of up to 160 characters.It also provides data transfer to packet networks, ISDN and POTS users at 9.6 Kbps.In one embodiment, a user of a client device may provide anti-phishing data through an anti-phish setup interface for a website, application, or the like.In one embodiment, the anti-phishing data is an image.

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The electronic document acts as a legally valid form of identification, such as a passport.

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