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Example of partnership liquidating distribution

Has it outlived its usefulness as an asset management, asset protection, or, dare we say it, wealth transfer vehicle?

Are you tired of discussing the company’s operations with the other owners?

If the partnership distributes property -- anything other than cash and property treated as cash -- during its liquidation, it has no immediate tax effect.

Instead, gain or loss is delayed until you sell the property.

You also may receive dividends through a partnership, an estate, a trust, or an association that is taxed as a corporation.

As a result, the tax effects of a partnership that makes liquidating distributions only impacts the partners who receive them.Partnership liquidation is the process of closing the partnership and distributing its assets.Many times partners choose to dissolve and liquidate their partnerships to start new ventures.Sometimes partnerships will have enough cash to pay off their liabilities, but in bankruptcy situations partnerships most often don't.If there any assets remaining after all the liabilities are paid off, these assets are distributed to the partners based on their capital accounts.

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To be taxed as a liquidating distribution, however, a partner's interest in the partnership must terminate.

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