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: Make sure that there is at least 1.2GB of free space on the drive where the portal server is being upgraded and 800MB of free space on the drive where the TEMP directory is located.

If the portal server and TEMP share the same drive, then 2GB is space is required to upgrade e Was.

Observium Professional adds priority access to daily updates and new features for a small yearly fee.

Observium Professional is distributed via an SVN-based release mechanism, providing rapid access to security and bug fixes as well as new features. Updates can be performed automatically via cron or manually.

Enterprise Manager provides auto-discovery scripts that enable these Agents to automatically discover all Oracle components and start monitoring them using a comprehensive set of metrics at Oracle-recommended thresholds.

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control monitoring functionality permits unattended monitoring of your IT environment.

Enterprise Manager comes with a comprehensive set of performance and health metrics that allows monitoring of key components in your environment, such as applications, application servers, databases, as well as the back-end components on which they rely (such as hosts, operating systems, storage).

For more information, see Section 1.4.2, "Administration Groups and Template Collections").

While Enterprise Manager provides a comprehensive set of metrics used for monitoring, you can also use metric extensions (see Section 1.3.6, "Metric Extensions: Customizing Monitoring") to monitor conditions that are specific to your environment.

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This is a list of notable port numbers used by protocols of the transport layer of the Internet protocol suite for the establishment of host-to-host connectivity.